And who develops the driver and has technically the ability to give support about it? December 30, at 6: You can define your own structure and commands to suit your needs. Since the solution is well known in the Community and proved to work correctly in most cases, my personal opinion is that the problem is with the documentation here, which is simply missing for those APIs. June 29, at 9: Note that not every single WM6.

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June 29, at 9: You must be logged in rjl post a comment. January 27, at Read about this change in our blog post. Now, the usual question: The desired interface is IOemCellular, which is specified by query[0].

Note Maximum request, response and notification size – The RIL Adaptation Layer imposes a maximum size constraint of 0x bytes for the RIL command, response, and notification payloads. SendModemOpaqueCommand can be used. Log in to Reply. Rli adapter Local Area Connection: November 22, at Bluetooth, WiFi and Radio i.


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There are no open issues. Every single detail an ISV uses in this approach is documented, hence supported. The RIL driver handles this request and sends the response back to the upper layers. Choose the type you’d like to provide: And who develops the driver and technically has the ability to give support about it? March 17, at 7: The code contains a notification callback handle that returns the number of signal bars.

RILEQUIPMENTSTATE (Windows Embedded CE ) | Microsoft Docs

Those APIs are there: Does this simple task really depend on how the OEM developed the driver? In the previous code example, a command is sent to RIL in order to turn the radio on or off. Msnd birthday to this blog!! The answer is simple here… Is it documented in the SDK?

Thanks for your question.

RIL_Initialize (Compact 2013)

But… again, as before… what more can Microsoft Technical Support do after verifying that the ISV used the functions above correctly?

This code shows handling the receiving completion event for the SendModemOpaqueCommand command in the previous example.


If you have any suggestion on anything, just let me know! I used this code, it enables wifi, but somehow in a few seconds wifi disables again. And who develops the driver and has msnd the ability to give support about it?

And using those functions from within a managed application is even easier than on native applications, where you have to dynamically load the library and get the address of the function exposed with a particular ordinal: Our new feedback system is ,sdn on GitHub Issues.

RILNOTIFICATIONS enumeration (Windows Drivers)

OemCellular is a reference to the supporting COM ri it determines the factory that activates the class. November 20, at 7: Note that not every single WM6.

You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub.