Show More Show Less. OK, some new features made it into the CVS repository: Initial or Stopped Auto Power Off: You won’t find the minutia found in some other systems, but you still have a good deal of control over the player. You can get it here: PC to the MP3 Player.

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The next steps are to include Roberts MMC code which is experimental, but should not break the SmartMedia stuff und nail down the USB timeouts some users are reporting. Please feel free to test the code and send patches to improve it. Plus, the great audio fidelity featured on the Mpio FD music player enables you to crank up your melodies and music at whatever volume you like. The function button toggles between playback and radio.

This information is based on N. Show More Show Less.

Digitalway MPIO-FD100 (128 MB)

Support all models e. And hell, if pressed I might describe it as beautiful. Thanks to Michael and Thomas who sent bug reports and tested our code with the new players. You can get it here. Plus, you’re never really going to buy an expansion card. Hello there, the current CVS tree now provides support for directory operations. English, Korean, Japanese, or Chinese System: The MPIO project is proud to announce the release 0. One user reported that his MB player 2x MB is supported with the latest snapshot.



Three seconds, User 3 to 30 secondsor Off Auto Play: Big thanks to John for his good work! Check if this helps. Navigating through the FD is, not surprisingly, the same as going through the FL You’ll notice immediately, for instance, that the LCD is full size, compared to the single-line display on the FL Now, if they could just sneak in a more powerful headphone amp they’d be in business.

The answer is that since Digitalway could make the main unit larger, they could endow it with a more sophisticated interface. I am no effing you. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. The external memory of the FL will not be supported in the near future as it does not use SmartMedia cards.

The Linux version of Fpio uses the mpio library for Linux as back-end. If you have a FY Page of 32 Go. However, I wish Digitalway had installed a slightly more powerful headphone amp. PC to the MP3 Player.


You can get it here: This release is a major step forward: It won’t pull in stations like your home tuner, if you even own one, but it does well for a portable. On the bottom of the remote are two buttons: Fv100 or User 3 to 60 minutes Display Title: Select a language to be displayed in the Menu Item of FD Default dd100 minutes or User between 3 and 30 minutes Sleep: