Some bags are treated such that both the inside and outside will retard static generation. Ans when I pressed start normaly, it restart the PC: Sep 9, Posts: Adjust timing for stability and compatibility. Ok so, this funktion is not in my BIOS. Dataman, the board was not working even in a case, so perhaps the anti-static bag just worsened the problem. Mon Aug 28, 7:

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I k7s5aa get to the BIOS: Fixed the standby selection of start menu becomes to be inactive action after installing Windows XP 3. An anti-static bag is a poor surface for a motherboard to be placed. Sparco on January, Sometimes the color has changed to red or the textures have disappeared.

Fixed MAC address was lost. Try the graphics card in another computer to be sure. Seasonic M12 W 3. Pls can u tell me what else Ligushka Ars Praefectus Tribus: The chipset heatsink and CPU heat up. But it’s not worth fixing.


ASRock > K7S41GX

A fan connected to another header spun up as well. In any case, k7s5z outside of a bag isn’t as safe for electronics as the inside. Wiping the tabletop clean or whatever other surface you place it on.

vvga Maybe it is same, I dont know. All of the caps look okay. You should be able to see the temperature in your graphics control panel.

All caps look okay. Sun Aug 27, 6: Put your details into a signature–that way we don’t have i7s5a constantly scroll up to figure it out. Looks like it’s dead.

Sat Aug 26, Sun Aug 27, k7x5a Jan 3, Posts: Last thing you want it possible metallic particles to create a short or water or other materials to cause problems. The powersupply is connected to a UPS, so I don’t think it is bad power.

K7S5A V1.X ECS ELITEGROUP Motherboard Mainboard Drivers Manuals BIOS

I will also try to put a known good battery in there. Finding your details will be even more inconvenient if the post goes beyond one page. I doubt this means anything, though.


When the K7S5As did work, they were stellar boards.

Everything seems to be breaking recently for my family and I. If the motherboard has been shorted, it may well be dead, but why does the CPU fan spin up, fan headers work, and the floppy controller possibly k7e5a due to light staying on?

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Ok so, this funktion is not in my BIOS. Not such a great idea usually. ESD will normally not take all of the MB parts.