Helo, I have a dv series and need the driver so that I can go wireless. Hp extended the warranty on these machines by a year but they are not making them anymore and most models have gone over this two year period. Now it doesnt pick up wireless at all or even have a wireless option under the network connections. So eventuallly I turned it on by running the razor blade on the first hub on the left and as soon as it turned on I ran it on the other hub the one on the right and it booted right up. I appreciate your time and look forward to your response. Hi I am also having constant hassles with my HP laptop. It still doesnt work.

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Hello, please send me all the drivers for wireless network for the notebook hp dv windows vista. I think I’m going to opt.

HP Pavilion ZV6000 Review (pics, specs)

I fixed it in 2 min after uninstalling the wi-fi card in device manager then searching for changes and letting it reinstall itself and eireless fixed!

Here are hands-on impressions and benchmark scores for a few we didn’t get to.

I had this happen to my laptop and sent it in and they fixed it. I recommend simply not buying HP again. Some experience loss of video when the Nvidia chip overheats and “pops up” off the board enough to lose contact.


I have edited video, recorded professional quality audio, and just surfed the Internet and it does it all without missing a beat. Microsoft has been fixing peoples xboxs for free ever since because it is such a huge problem Is it time for a new laptop? Laptops by Justin Jaffe 2 days ago. Your laptop is having a problem common with a lot of laptops that are using the Nvidia chipset. Do I need a new motherboard?

Then my house got robbed and laptop stolen anyway haha. Automatically send old files to OneDrive by Matt Elliott.

HP Pavilion zv – NDISWrapper

Ask a question Report. The only complaints I can think of are a constant vibration when CD spin-up is at full speed and a constant, high-pitched note. My screen is going on my hp Pavilion dv but after plugging in to an wirelrss monitor Shut down your laptop. I have repaired MANY of these by reflowing the board and have emailed the instructions out to many as well and they all but one repaired it themselves.

HP Pavilion Zv6000 WiFi Wireless Card 392557-001

Hey, my wireless adapter stopped working yesterday, Ive had my Zv0600 for 2 years, so it was quite a surprise. Report Respond to bali. That has happen to my computer can you try opening wireless assist If youve already found out how to fix the problem message me at Email id removed for security.

Hello,I cant tell if my built in mic is working right. Memory Max Wirless Size. I played around with it for a few days but to no avail, I called up HP and organized it to be shipped for inspection, turns out the Networking card blew out, they said this was quite common and replaced it free of charge.


Wirelexs – Jan 23, at Report Respond to dev. Laptops by Justin Jaffe Dec 17, For what is in it, I feel I got a very good deal.

HP Pavilion zvus Overview – CNET

I just had that same problem the last few days 5 week old laptop. Its not even worth sending it back again. I was up using wireless yesterday. I ran MobileMeter http: The problem is with the cooling system not directing enough heat away from sorrounding components resulting in multiple component failure, the wireless card not being recognised by your system is the first symptom that will eventually lead to the computer not even getting past the pre BIOS boot stage.

I pulled the keyboard out and pulled the strips out the one on the left is the power and the one on the right is the sound and other stuff. However, I would gladly pay now for upgrading the screen to the BrightView option.