Suction cup near the back corner works well for surfing. On the rope is a great spot.. My gopro was also 4 years old and worn down so that could have been the issue http: I plan to duplicate with a longer pipe. It’s probably our friendly moderator bot who rules with an iron fist. Saw an idea for a really simple one: The action is mostly nonexistent – a lot of “still life” shots.

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Been there, done that. Keep that shit clean, period. Connect around the hinge to the door and whatever anchor you need will be a strap on my PFD for me.


The only times now I go without a leash is if we are just swimming. Luckily for me I also had the camera tethered to something.

For us Loudoun is perfect due to the location. Check out his videos and what he has to offer! Used the chest mount since my friend didn’t have the floaty backdoor.

Nobody likes watching a video with a ton of sky, a ton of water, and what looks like an ant repeatedly jumping up and down. Want to add to the discussion? Haven’t tried the chest mount on the rider yet, but aim to do it soon.


If you, noodle zip tied to the line? Rusty Wake Surfboards. Post in the tri-weekly image competition thread. I’ve had my floatie ripped off its sticky mount on a couple occasions during wakeboard speed crashes. Wake submitted 3 years ago by khard I waesurf used the PVC mounts myself before and its always too shaky or won’t stay upright without a dangerous counterweight.

Only tricky part is getting it to stay straight.

Synthetic Swell II Brings Wakesurfers To Kansas — Boarders Magazine

What doesn’t belongs here? A replacement for the original which is now an anchor at the bottom.

Here is one https: Accounts under a day old require admin approval. I did the video and edit. Submit a new text post. Saw an idea for a really simple one: In conditions like what you are talking about, I have had better luck using the permanent mounting plates that use the 3M tape. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.


There was someone on here that went to a lot of trouble to get the perfect suction cup mount location only to have the ogpro knock it off the boat. I’m still waiting on my beta and probably won’t see it now this year though: Use a little alcohol to clean the surface to get rid of any oils, etc.

I have made some tweaks to the setup since that footage so it was an older setup. Access Token is not valid or has expired. This goopro message is only visible to WordPress admins There’s an issue with the Instagram Access Token that you are using. Was it you or did you happen upon the video?

So this time I decided i’m not doing anything without a tether.